Anderson Entertainment Limited Space 1999 Rescue Eagle


Anderson Entertainment Limited Space 1999 Rescue Eagle

Product details

  • Highly detailed scale model
  • Made of die-cast Zamac metal and ABS plastic
  • Approximate length 25cm
  • Approximate scale 1:106
  • Display base included
  • Fixed legs
  • Luxury display box designed by Marcus Stamps @ Mister.S
  • Limited edition certificate of authenticity


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Anderson Entertainment Limited Space 1999 Rescue Eagle

The Rescue Eagle from Gerry Anderson's visionary 1999 SPACE series is for many the greatest science fiction spacecraft ever conceived. Known for its sleek shape and versatility, the Eagle Rescue Module rescue variant is called into action whenever an emergency situation arises with casualties needing to be returned to Moon Base Alpha for urgent medical attention.

Here then, from Anderson Entertainment directly, the 1.2023 Edition Mark III Rescue Eagle. This finely detailed, scale collector's piece shows the legendary Eagle as depicted in the 1999 Space episode Earthbound. Made from Zamac metal and ABS plastic, hand painted and finished with accurate decals, the model sits on a fully sculpted base, unique to this range. The model features newly designed command module windows with a striking resemblance to what is seen on TV, as well as a meticulously crafted engine unit and module landing legs. The Rescue Eagle can be distinguished from the Eagle Transporter by the eye-catching red stripes on the central module and by a series of different decals scattered around the bodywork and superstructure.

The Eagle is encased in a 'foam' casing within a luxury white presentation box, distinguishing the model as part of the premium range. The soft-touch matte finish of the inside of the box provides a complete shuttle diagram, specifications and detailed information. These characteristics, combined with the Certificate of Authenticity, make the Rescue Eagle a highly sought-after collector's item by fans of the series and collectors of iconic science fiction memorabilia.


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