Abystyle Studio Dynamic Planning UFO Robot Grendizer Jumbo Bonus Version


Abystyle Studio Dynamic Planning UFO Robot Grendizer Jumbo Bonus Version

ABYstyle Studio is proud to unveil its new exclusive creation: the GRENDIZER JUMBO.
Nearly half a century after its first steps, the famous UFO of Go Nagai comes back to rescue our blue planet!

Inspired by the great classics, its design will delight both the nostalgic and the most demanding fans, thanks to the care that has been given to its design!
Paying tribute to the battle scenes from the 70s animated series, the robot's backlit interchangeable parts allow it to recreate the "Screw Crusher Punch" and "Backhand Missile" attacks.

Delivered with an optional missile launcher fist and 14 projectiles, the GRENDIZER JUMBO includes both a range of modernized accessories and ingenious retractable compartments located at the shoulders and along the legs. Its magnetic Double Harken and its injected metal belt help make this collectible an exceptional piece, a modern twist on an old classic.

The limited edition GRENDIZER JUMBO will feature closed-box packaging adorned with illustrations. With only 3,000 numbered units being produced worldwide, this iconic collector's piece is more than just a tribute: it turns a multi-generational dream into reality.

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Detailed description

The robot includes the following interchangeable accessories:

  • 14 red and white missiles
  • 1 Magnetic Double Harken
  • 1 pair of luminescent horns
  • 1 luminescent bust
  • 1 die cast clip-on metal belt
  • 1 fist missile launcher with a capacity of 4 missiles
  • 2 additional fists

Product Features:

  • Articulated head and arms
  • Illuminated eyes, horns and bust powered by LR44 batteries
  • Optimized storage system for 14 missiles at shoulders level (2 missiles per shoulder) and legs (5 missiles per leg)
  • Ejectable fists to reproduce the Screw Crusher Punch attack
  • Folding casters

Height: 60cm
Width: 27.5cm
Depth: 13cm

Limited to 3000 copies.

Certificate of authenticity
Operating manual included
LR44 batteries not included


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